“She’s In The Lead”

She opened her eyes

And all was bare

For fleeting moments

They weren’t there


But they arrived slowly in time

Uninvited, unwelcomed

Hadn’t in some time


Tiny foot soldiers filing in, taking their place

All the while, expanding into her mind’s space


Willing her to stay down

Tethering her to the shore

Until, she caught a fleeting glimpse of something more


She knew she needed to engage

Before this subtle glimpse began to fade

Enveloped instead by its consuming shade


She knows she must control the pace

And detour this unwelcomed race


At first, they are only steps behind

Undeterred by her rise

Unshakeable in their grasp

Unwavering in their belief


She loses the weakest with the first breath of morning air

The others hold tighter, calling her dare

Channeling their reserves to steer her away from going there


Their dissenting cadence amplified as they trod along

She wills herself on, not at all phased by their doubtful song


Propels herself inside there

At once the ranks are diminished

Realizing that their dismal chant was not to be finished


She knows what’s got to be done

In order, to dwindle their numbers to none


With well-worn motions, she tightens her laces

Readies the chalk between her palms

And steadies herself against what she faces


She feels her lead extending

growing distance with the grasp of her fingers on metal

with each lunge and each breathless count

She feels that she has made their comeback impossible to mount.


More are drowned with each drop of sweat from her brow

With every push and pull, she’s in the lead now.

Buoyed by the others who have joined here there

She is finally cut loose from her mind’s snare.


There is barely an echo left of what she had tried so hard to derail

Replaced instead by the knowledge that she did not fail


Freed up to resume her day

To swim away

From the shore

Always, in search of something more….

2 thoughts on ““She’s In The Lead”

  1. What a wonderful description on how to embrace struggle and pain in our Dee to advance and grow in fitn we and life. Well done AMG 🙂


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